Ever since it’s inception, CHIRP partners, Building Movement Project, Creative Community Pathways, EMEAC, Just Creative and People’s Kitchen Detroit, have supported the monthly community dinner event created by the Detroit Food Justice Task Force known as Food Justice Friday (FJF).

These intergenerational and family friendly events involve Detroit community coming together to share a meal and learn a little about food justice. The nights are always filled with music, original poetry at the open mic, brilliant knowledge and lots of laughter. The locally sourced food (provided by People’s Kitchen Detroit) is always tasty, filling and healthy. 

The youth of CHIRP often showcased their work at FJFs, including leading presentations on healthy food, showing videos they worked on and sharing learning tools they created. CHIRP created healthy media information in the form of zines and posters are always distributed to parents, families and community members.

This picture and menu are from the very first Food Justice Friday in 2012.

The First FJF Menu:

Arugula Pesto Pasta
Almond-crusted Salmon or Vegetable Cakes
Spinach Salad with fresh herb Ranch dressing
Roasted Winter Squash
Avalon bread with flavored local butters
Warm Herbal Tea

And this is from one Food Justice Friday organizer, Lottie Spady:

Thank you ALL for coming out and making this SUCH an enjoyable event!! From the food, the space, the music, the kids just all running around so at home, people talking and laughing, making new friends, and artists sharing skills and talents! Thanks to Sanaa NiaJoy, Angela Newsom, Bryce Anderson-Small, Kadiri Sennefer, Piper Martine Carter, Dmec Communicator, Triana Kazaleh Sirdenis, Charity Mahouna Hicks, and all the “behind the scenes folks” that worked SO hard to make this happen AND leave the space in order…Food Justice Fridays lead by example in community building and accessible FUN for the whole FAM!!!