Building Movement Project conducts learning circles to deepen understanding of childhood obesity among those participating in emergency food services, educate parents and community about efforts to reduce the incidence of childhood obesity and engage CHIRP partners and other organizations to share skills, strategies and tools to address the problem.
Offers provider-training sessions to help those engaged in emergency food services understand the broader issues and develop more effective strategies to create change.
Provides trainings to help parents/caregivers and service providers grow the skills to address social determinants of health through civic engagement in public policy, advocacy and community organizing.

Contact Building Movement Project:

Building Movement Project
Linda Campbell,

To see more of Building Movement Project’s community and policy work, click here!

Catherine Ferguson Academy was a Detroit Public School serving pregnant and mothering teens. As a partner in CHIRP, CFA used produce from the school farm to provide healthy snacks for the young mothers and their children as a foundation for child health and nutrition education programming. Participants were also encouraged to establish home gardens to maintain a healthful diet during summer months when school was not in session. Some of that programming has been picked up by other CHIRP partners since CFA closed in 2014.

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The CHIRP Research Team at Michigan State University Extension Health and Nutrition Institute conducts participatory action research and evaluation to support the work of people and organizations pursuing food and environmental justice in Detroit.

Contact CHIRP Research Team:

Detroit Child Health Incubator Research Project
The Principle Investigator/Project Director of the CHIRP project is Dr. Kerry E. Vachta. She can be reached at

To see just some of the work the Research Team does with CHIRP, check out this link!

CCPCreative Community Pathways determines risk status and integrates obesity prevention, health and nutrition into the ISPs of participant families, co-creates innovative lessons and projects with subject matter experts, certified teachers, mentors, and parents to provide experiences and learning activities for students in groups and one-on- one, with cyber support.

Hosts activities such as field trips and monthly family meals, sometimes in collaboration with other CHIRP partners, to demonstrate healthy cooking/eating and to explore CHIRP-related issues and concerns.

Contact Creative Community Pathways:

Creative Community Pathways
Phyllis Davis Williams
(248) 557-6640

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DBCFSNDBCFSN Food Warriors Youth Development Program teaches youth to advocate for food justice through school/community gardens, nutrition education, and the development of critical media that addresses the issues of food insecurity in Detroit’s Black Community.
The program uses the Nguzo Saba (Seven Principles) as well as the principles of Ma’at, both of which are deeply rooted in African tradition, as tools of cultural transmission to revision youth to the dignity inherent in sustainable community agricultural practices.

Contact Detroit Black Community Food Security Network:

Detroit Black Community Food
Security Network
Hanifa Adjuman
or 313-345-3663

To see more work that Detroit Black Community Food Security Network does with youth, education and media, click here!


EMEAC hosts school and community based gardening and environmental education activities connecting young children and their families with process of growing and preparing food and understanding the ecological relationships required to support plant/garden growth and health.

Hosts activities open to all CHIRP partners that promote family engagement in physical activity (such as a winter skating outing and fruit picking excursions).

Contact East Michigan Environmental Action Council:

East Michigan Environmental Action Council
Ready 2 Grow Program
Darryl Jordan
Ready 2 Grow on Facebook

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Feedom Freedom Growers assists families on “cultivating healthy growing and eating habits” in collaboration with CHIRP partners, local community organizations and institutions.

Cook Fresh, Living Fresh workshops bring community members into the garden for instruction in planting and harvesting as well as nutrition and food preparation education.

Facilitates a summer Youth Gardening Mentoring program providing leadership training and hands on activities including training in permaculture for school-aged children. Offers parents of young children training and ongoing assistance in establishing back yard gardens.

Contact Feedom Freedom Growers:

Feedom Freedom Growers
Feedom Freedom on Facebook
For general info: 313 233 2334

To see just a few examples of the planting and harvesting and other great work Feedom Freedom Growers does, click here!


Works with CHIRP partners, youth, and families to explore the connection between media and attitudes, values, and beliefs around food choices through workshops on food-media literacy, media making with youth, CHIRP program documentation and generating healthy food media that challenges existing narratives about food.

Contact Just Creative:

Just Creative, LLC
Lottie Spady
Just Creative on Facebook

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PKDThe mission of People’s Kitchen Detroit is to support the cultivation of healthy communities by sharing skills around food preparation, preservation of local harvests, and holistically preventing and managing disease. 

PKD works with a network of both CHIRP partners and community organizations offering classes and skillshares to engage young people and their families. They also collaborate with groups to host community meals featuring locally grown and produced ingredients.


Contact People’s Kitchen Detroit:

People’s Kitchen Detroit
Angela Newsom
People’s Kitchen Detroit on Facebook

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