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This cookbook is a collection of recipes inspired by the multicolored patterns of Kente Cloth. Every color of the rainbow can be found in these vibrant fabrics. Similar to the West African Kente Cloth craftsmen, we should weave all the colors of the rainbow into our diets to maintain our health and connections to our African culinary traditions.

Eating the colors of the rainbow is a focus of the Food Warriors Program. The recipes in this cookbook are organized by color: each recipe is located in the color section that is associated with the main ingredient in that recipe. For example, avocado pudding is in the Green section and sweet potato stew is located in the Yellow/Orange section.

This book also features the recipes of Food Warrior Families and Supporters, which highlights our communal culinary traditions and will surely inspire our Food Warriors to continue to build upon and preserve our ancestral food traditions.

So, Lets Get Cooking!