1. Not taking off more than we can chew
  2. Transparency
    1. Balanced with #7 – honoring autonomy and flexibility – e.g. agreement that we all share the same foundational values and trust that we are conducting ourselves accordingly. We do not have to disclose all partners and funders but we will disclose and discuss any partnerships or sources that could raise concerns among the other partners (
  3. Process of accountability *NEED TO ESTABLISH THIS
  4. Dialogue – about each other’s work, history
  5. Information Sharing – within and beyond CHIRP members
  6. Resource Sharing – equipment, training, etc – cooperative ownership
  7. Honoring the autonomy and flexibility of each program/organization (within the framework of the principles as they are further developed)
  8. Decision making – agreed to modified “fist five”
  9. Holding the contradictions/managing polarities/unity of opposites
  10. Raise contradictions to the surface, ID what we can unite on
  11. Acculturation and mutual accommodation
  12. “Art of persuasion”
  13. Mutual Respect
  14. Principles of Participatory Action Research – ‘democratized production and use of knowledge’ (to be discussed further)

WE ARE THE COMMUNITY, there is no separation. Be practitioners of change.