We continue our interview series with Linda Campbell, Project Team Member of CHIRP partner organization, Building Movement Project. You can check out other partner interviews by clicking here!

Much of Building Movement Project’s work is policy driven. Can you explain why policy work is so important?   

BMPBuilding Movement Project provides an opportunity for families to come together and analyze a particular need or condition in their community that impacts childhood wellness particularly childhood obesity. Such issues include concerns about the built environment in their neighborhood and whether or not children have access to recreation centers and public parks that promote physical activity and fitness; or whether or not families have access to fresh and affordable food for their households.  This form of community engagement across households in high need communities allows families to conduct their own analysis of the need, propose a common solution and engage with key stakeholders to respond to their concerns.  

What have been some of the observable or mentionable benefits and or challenges for Building Movement being a part of this collaborative group?

Some benefits have been the broad network of providers who share values for improving life outcomes for vulnerable households with CHIRP eligible children.  We’ve also had an opportunity to work with an array of organizations that offer family friendly environments with hands on learning activities.  

The biggest challenge has been that the administrative work at times was really overwhelming given the limited administrative capacity.  There was a high bar for program documentation.

What is Building Movement Project’s favorite CHIRP memory?

My favorite BMP memory includes the monthly team meetings.  Not sure how I will fill the first Tuesday void now that we are done! 

To find out more about Building Movement Project’s work, check out their website!