child health incubator research project

a USDA NIFA funded childhood obesity prevention project of Michigan State University Extension


The CHIRP Handbook

The CHIRP Handbook is our way of sharing some of the best, most popular and effective activities that were created by the CHIRP partners so you can use them in your own community!

For information about how the CHIRP Research team developed and tested the materials in the Handbook to be sure they would work as well for you as the original activities did for our partners, click the first link below that says “1 CHIRP Handbook Introduction”. That section also includes a list of all of the activities in the Handbook as well as lists organized by subject and by audience. For example, you could use those lists to find healthy cooking workshops. Then you can see which ones are designed for whole families and which ones are best for adults only so you can make the best choice for the group you are working with. Or you can find activities that introduce young children to gardening.

Handbook Contents

Use the links below to view or print the introduction, contents or specific activities you are interested in using.

1 CHIRP Handbook Introduction
2 BMP Family Play Date
3 BMP PKD Pantry Cookshare
4 DBCFSN Kwanzaa
5 Emeac Power Over Plate
6 Emeac Hustle
7 EMEAC Smoothies
8 Emeac Spring Salads
9 EMEAC Sunflowers
10 FFG Garden Play
11 FFG Soul Food
12 FFG Strawberry Fest
13 JC Know Your Food
14 PKD Vermicompost
15 PKD Kitchen Safety
16 PKD Marinades
Appendix A: 17 Recipes
Appendix B: 18 Serving Size Primer

Full CHIRP Handbook

If you want to view or print the entire handbook and have a good high speed internet connection, you can download the book in it’s entirety by clicking on the link below.

Full Chirp Handbook

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